#1 Twelve seems to be an important number in my life. My parents got married on 12th, I was born on 12th, my brother was born on 12th.

#2 A great number of my family members were or have been teachers. I have teaching in genes. My first pupils were dolls and teddy bears. I used to “teach” them using a toy blackboard.

#3 My little learners once gave me a nickname “Aunt England”

#4 When I first taught 3-year-olds I was certainly more scared and stressed out than them.

#5 I believe all children are creative, and their creativity grows when taken care of.

#6 My personal dictionary doesn’t know the expression “It’s impossible”. It knows “I’ll find the way”, instead.

#7 My favourite story of all times is “Anne of Green Gables” by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Its main character, Anne Shirley-Blythe was a wonderful, loving and loved English teacher whose attitude I admire.

#8 I can play the guitar, the piano and the cello. My greatest musical experience was playing several concerts with a symphonic orchestra, which had been one of my biggest dreams. Music is an international language and musical abilities help in learning languages.

#9 I love dogs but have never had one. Surviving the farewell with the best of friends would be too painful.

#10 I love travelling and seeing with my own eyes all those places I’ve read or heard about. Visits to The Tower of London, Edinburgh Castle, or CNN Studios and Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta were unforgettable experiences.

#11 I love swimming, skiing and cycling, but the sport I do most frequently is Nordic walking.

#12 I love ice-cream, but only that made in the traditional way and leaving a thin greasy layer on the palate.